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KBC Quiz Questions Set No 6 for Registrations 2013 with Answer

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  • Tuesday, May 21, 2013
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  • Ques 01 : Which precious stone is said to be 'a woman's best friend' ?
    A. Ruby
    B. Diamond
    C. Pearl
    D. Topaz

    Ques 02 : If you stand facing the rising sun, what is the direction to your left ?
    A. East
    B. West
    C. North
    D. South

    Ques 03 : If tandoori roti is thick, which roti is very thin?
    A.  Naan
    B.  Paratha
    C.  Rumali 
    D.  Kulcha

    Ques 04 : How many millimetres are there in a metre?
    A. 10
    B. 100
    C. 1,000
    D. 10,000

    Ques 05 : With reference to cricket, what does the 'L' in 'LBW' stand for ?

    A. Low
    B. Leg
    C. Line
    D. Leap

    Ques 06 : Which of these ingredients in a curry would give it a yellow colour ?
    A. Elaichi
    B. Ajwain
    C. Dhaniya
    D. Haldi

    Ques 07 : How many days are there in a leap year ?
    A.  365
    B.  366
    C.  364
    D.  367

    Ques 08 : In which of these cities could you spend an evening at a beach ?
    A. Cherrapunji
    B. Chittor
    C. Chennai
    D. Chandigarh

    Ques 09 : Coins of which of these denominations is not found in the Indian currency ?
    A.  Rs. 1
    B.  Rs. 5
    C.  Rs. 2
    D.  Rs. 15

    Ques 10 : How would seawater normally taste ?
    A. Sour
    B. Salty
    C. Tasteless
    D. Bitter


    Anonymous said...

    Answers to questions of set no-06 are Q1)B Q2)C
    Q3)C Q4)C Q5)B Q6)D Q7)B Q8)C Q9)D Q10)B.
    Thank you for giving a chance to answer.

    Harish Sharma said...

    Its a good game which increase your knowledge and as will as giving you financial support also

    ranjan das said...

    Answer to question set no - 6. Q1)B. Q2)C. Q3)C. Q4)C.Q5) B.Q6)D. Q7)B.Q8)C. Q9)D. Q10)B. Thank you for giving a chance to answer. Reply.,......

    Dalaram Khileri said...

    hi ,
    Sir , some one call at my number & he say me that you salected in kbc & you send your I D prup & photo my email. he also send me one email address . but sir he was call me from pakistan. the men call me last night 5 time , so sir you tell me about your prosses joining in kbc .
    mob-: 09723312753

    manoj sahni said...

    thanks kbc.. Mob:09718686187.

    shyam chandra said...

    sir plzzzzzz give me one chance try karte 2 thak gaye hai sir man neeraas ho gaya hai sir plz

    Satish Karna Karma said...

    I don very well...satish karma

    NARESHNARAYAN mohapatra said...

    Qno 1(b),2(c)3(c)4(c)5(b)6(d)7(b)8(c)9(d)10(b)
    sir please one chance me for kbc7
    MOB, 09776781500

    Mohammed Ahmed said...

    Respected Sir,
    Thankh you very much for sending kbc 7 registration practice questions.
    with best regards
    MOBILE NO ;08978453885

    sudhakar singh said...

    thanks for iq test .kbc =knowledge ,a regular practitioner makes a man perfect.

    Mohan Reddy said...

    gud iq

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